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Aliens vs. Predators

Let's hope an argument/debate ensues....

  1. Have badass little mouths in big mouths.
  2. Have these badass tails.
  3. Have no eyes, but they still see in this crazy color aura vision.
  4. Have acid for blood.
  5. Kill people to spread their species.
  6. Are born through a persons chest.
  7. Can crawl on ceilings and walls.
  1. Have weird jaws.
  2. Have all these cool weapons.
  3. See heat signatures through masks.
  4. Have green goo for blood.
  5. Kill people for sport.
  6. Can do this cloak/camouflage thing.

These are the facts people, and clearly the Aliens are better. In fact, they are more predator than Predators. They kill for survival, and on top of that, the stuff they do is way cooler. They do it with their own bodies, without technological augmentation.

Aliens are way better than those pussy Predator wannabes.
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